What is the Soy Transparency Coalition?

We are a pre-competitive coalition that aims to help supply chain companies and investors overcome transparency challenges in the soy sector to deliver a sustainable production system.

What does the Soy Transparency Coalition do?

We provide an annual benchmark of the performance of major soy traders, through an efficient and robust research and engagement process.

Working together

We are all part of a complex value chain with limited visibility as to where and how soy is produced and sourced by traders. The solutions to delivering more sustainable soy necessitates our collective action in partnership with producing nations. Due to their level of influence within the value chain, the traders are critical to bringing about system change within both supply and demand.

By working together we can simplify the task for traders to respond whilst harmonising around the critical points that demonstrate the differences.

These kind of engagement and assessment activities can be done collectively to save resources.


The STC consists of fourteen founding members. Companies and investors may also join as Subscribers to confidentially access the assessment materials.

For more information about joining, please contact info@soytransparency.org

Membership basics

  • The STC is a non-competitive collaboration.
  • Full members are responsible for governance of the STC’s activities.
  • Members share a commitment to ensure that the activities of the STC are conducted in full accordance with competition law.
  • All members of the STC agree that they shall not engage in any activity or conduct which could constitute a breach of competition law.
  • The STC is supported by a 3rd party, 3Keel, for technical advice and project co-ordination. This includes managing confidential individual trader and retail data.

About the Annual Trader Assessment

The principle activity of the STC is the Annual Trader Assessment. This is a robust process whereby major traders of soy are assessed on their progress in soy sustainability, covering topics such as deforestation and conversion; traceability; governance; communities; and human rights.

The assessment is conducted through a questionnaire designed collaboratively by Members, with input from sector experts and NGOs. Distribution and verification of the assessment is conducted by 3Keel, who facilitate the group.


See below some of our past public reports:

Supported by experts

The STC is supported by 3Keel. 3Keel provide programme coordination and technical expertise to Members and Subscribers.

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Participation in the STC is open to all retailers involved in the soy sector and committed to achieving deforestation and conversion free soy that supports human rights.

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